8 Common Skin Concerns

8 Common Skin Concerns How Dermatologists Address

Among all the organs of your body, your skin is the largest. It also plays a really important role, providing a protective layer. Apart from this role, your skin is also something that affects your appearance. When you start to notice problems with your skin, then it can hurt your self-esteem. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at eight common skin concerns, and also look at how dermatologists address them. 

What Are the Most Common Skin Issues?

What Are the Most Common Skin Issues?

Understanding common skin issues and knowing how dermatologists generally address them give you a way to mitigate these symptoms before they become more troublesome. Let’s take a look at eight of the most common concerns that people tend to have when they see a dermatologist. 

1) Dark Circles

It’s estimated that up to 38% of people have some level of dark circles that affect the skin surrounding their eyes. A lack of sleep, poor hydration, aging, and excessive exposure to the sun are possible reasons for dark circles to develop. Using a brightening serum, such as SilkiMED’s Glow-Enhancing Dark Spot Solution, can help mitigate these dark areas and restore a more even complexion to your skin. 

2) Dryness

Studies have found that almost half of adults experience dry skin, with skin concerns being more common among women and older people. Dry skin can cause flaking and make your skin feel rough. Dermatologists will usually give you a high-quality moisturizer to help retain moisture and advise you to drink lots of water to contribute to your skin’s hydration. 

3) Eye Bags

Under eye bags are also not uncommon. They’re often linked to poor sleep, but there are other problems that can cause business underneath your eyes. For example, this may be due to inflammation affecting the skin. A hydrating product like the SilkiMED Brightening Hydration Booster mask can do wonders to mitigate bagginess and improve the overall appearance of the skin around your eyes. 

4) Face Redness

Redness on your face can be a sign of irritation or even a reaction to certain products you use. However, there are also certain skin conditions that can cause redness to appear when you have a flare-up. Dermatologists will usually first want to determine the main cause behind the redness before they suggest any options to mitigate this effect. 

5) Large Pores

A reduction in skin elasticity, sun damage, and excessive sebum products are some of the things that can make your pores appear large. This can have an impact on your facial appearance. Understanding the cause is an important starting point to help you shrink your pores. 

6) Hormonal Acne

Acne can be caused by many things, including hormonal changes. Women may experience acne breakouts during their menstrual cycle, for example. Hormonal acne requires a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer that’s appropriate for your skin, and a serum that helps to fight against bacteria causing infection in your hair follicles. 

7) Age Spots

As you grow older, you may start to notice age spots developing on your skin. Apart from age, excessive sun exposure can also contribute to these dark spots. A brightening serum that was specifically created to offer a targeted solution is a great way to reduce the appearance of these spots. The Glow-Enhancing Dark Spot Solution from SilkiMED is a great choice here. 

8) Forehead Wrinkles

Wrinkles are common and sometimes start to develop sooner than you might expect. When you have forehead wrinkles, it’s important to focus on improving skin elasticity, retaining moisture, and keeping your skin hydrated. Considerusing the Hydrating Serum with Polypeptides for an overall anti-aging solution from SilkiMED. 

Products That We Recommend for Prevention

Some lifestyle changes like exercising more, managing your stress, and eating a healthy diet can help to mitigate some of the symptoms you experience. However, it’s also important to take a closer look at your skincare routine. 

The products you use to care for your skin can have a big impact on preventing these common skin concerns that we talked about. Some of the products that we recommend include:

  • Cleanser: Use a cleanser that’s gentle, but still effective at removing debris and dead skin cells from your face. Make sure the gentle contains no harsh ingredients, especially if you have a sensitive skin type. 

  • Moisturizer: A good moisturizer can help to prevent moisture loss and also contribute to skin that feels smooth. Use a moisturizer that’s good for your skin type. 

  • Mask: Applying a mask occasionally can also give you added benefits to your skincare routine. The Brigthening Hydration Booster from SilkiMED easily fits on your face and helps to provide a hydrating effect that lasts long. 

  • Serum: Choose a serum that you can include in your daily skincare routine. A serum like the Glow-Enhancing Dark Spot Solution from SilkiMED can help to mitigate dark areas on your skin and give you a glowing complexion. For a more hydrating effect, you could also pot for the Hydrating Serum with Polypeptides

  • About SilkiMED

    There are many brands that offer a variety of skincare products to help with dark circles, acne, and many other concerns. What sets SilkiMED aside from many of these brands is the mission to create medical-grade, natural formulas that are effective at mitigating your symptoms.

    SilkiMED offers a diverse selection of products, with formulas that are appropriate for all skin types. The company has also developed its own OHA tech, which gives you access to a form of hyaluronic acid that’s easier to absorb into your skin.