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  • Multi-Action Essence Toner

    This innovative toner acts on skin layers to hydrate, soothe, and reduce the appearance of pigmentation, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tones.

  • Refreshing Mist

    This hydrating mist acts on skin layers to hydrate, refresh and revitalised the skin.

  • Face Cream

    This Supercharged Face Cream is formulated to deliver intense hydration while combating fine lines and wrinkle formation.

  • The Daily Set

    The set includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, working together to keep your skin hydrated and nourished, resulting in a radiant and healthy appearance.

Everyone has lots of pores; some are small and some are large. The problem with enlarged pores on face is that they make your skin look dry and odd whenever you apply foundation. So, we tend to apply thicker layers for a smoother-looking surface.
Unfortunately, we end up doing more harm than good. That’s because all that makeup and debris can settle into the pores and increase the odds of other skin problems, like blackheads and acne.
Want to know what could lead to an enlarge pore and how to shrink it? The guide below can help.

What Are Enlarged Pores?

Large pores are these small dents on the skin's surface. They are enlarged skin depressions that have one or multiple openings to the ducts that carry oil and sweat from their sebaceous and eccrine glands. 

The smaller your pores, the smoother and cleaner the face looks. But, if there is an enlarge pore in every section of your face, then you are more likely to experience clogging, bacteria, and oil build-up.

What Are the Causes of Enlarged Pores?

Many factors can make your facial pores bigger. To manage the topographic changes of the skin, it is important to pinpoint what causes enlarged pores

1) Aging

According to studies, many elements can trigger an enlarge pore. These include reduced skin elasticity around the pores, excess sebum excretion, and changes in hair volume. All of these factors happen with old age.

Skin pores become longer and bigger with age, research shows. Many of them eventually connect and form long cavities that look like wrinkles. 

2) Sun Damage

Constant UV exposure without adequate SPF protection can bring about enlarged pores on face. It can disrupt collagen production and strip the water from your skin. 

3) Comedogenic Makeup & Skincare

Dirt, debris, leftover makeup, and dead skin cells can get trapped in these tiny openings. So, when you are using foundations or other beauty products with comedogenic ingredients, you can block all that dirt and debris from leaving the pores. This, in turn, could lead to breakouts.

SilkiMED uses non-comedogenic formulas that mitigate the symptoms of enlarged pores. They are packed with beneficial compounds like antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizing agents.


How to Minimize Large Pores

Use topical ingredients that can reduce the enlarge pore, combat dryness, and prevent breakouts. Products teeming with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and herbal formulas can be highly beneficial for long-term use. 

Here is what you need:

1) Good Hydration

Want to know how to minimize pores? Have you thought about moisturizing and hydration?

When the skin is parched, the pores become bigger. To compensate for the loss of water, the oil glands create excess oil. Too much oil can make the skin prone to zits. By drinking enough water throughout the day, you balance the oil and water content in your skin.

Water can flush the toxins from the skin and minimize the pores. To give the skin an extra moisturizing boost, the OHA-Peptide Duo can help. The formula provides intense hydration, boosts elasticity, calms irritation, and soothes fine lines. 

Because sodium hyaluronate (the main ingredient) is not an oil, it can moisturize the skin without making it greasy and blocking the pores. The Hydra Duo can add volume to areas that decrease with old age, especially the cheeks.

2) Good Serum

Many dermatologists recommend that you add a serum to your enlarged pore treatment. Quality formulas can make the pores smaller by boosting cell turnover, exfoliating the surface of the skin, and managing oil production. 

The Glow-Enhancing Dark Spot Solution is a multi-purpose product that can help with pores, dark spots, dehydration, and signs of aging. The formula contains Pinus Strobus Bark Extract, which offers anti-microbial compounds. It can calm inflammation, itchiness, and redness. Consistent use can make the skin refreshed and even-toned. 

3) Good Facial Mask

Sheet masks can pull the debris, dead skin cells, and other impurities from the skin. They allow the pores to function properly. The Brightening Hydration Booster from SilkiMED provides proper hydration that aids in shrinking the pores. But, it also supplies the skin with other remedies that make the pores less likely to clog. 

Take the Centella Asiatica Extract for example. Research shows that this extract is a potent ingredient not just in anti-aging cosmetics, but also in boosting skin hydration. This makes it a viable option for treating sensitive and dry skin.


About SilkiMED

SilkiMED is more than a skincare brand. We are on a mission to make clean, effective, and medical-grade cosmetics accessible to everyone. We know how important it is to create beauty products that accommodate every skin tone, type, and gender. 

It’s our #1 priority to avoid animal testing and use eco-friendly packaging. Our sustainable practices are backed by scientific research to suit the needs of an eco-conscious consumer.

You can revamp your skincare routine with our pure, proven, and powerful products.

Enlarged Pores FAQs

How long does it take for enlarged pores to go away?

It depends on the size of the pores you have. For example, if you are using an enlarged pore treatment for super tiny pores, then you may notice the results in a couple of days. But, big pores often take a couple of weeks to shrink. As long as you remain consistent and keep using the right treatment, you can see a difference.

Is there any relationship between larger pore and ages?

Absolutely. Pores get more noticeable with age. The pores increase in size because of damage to the surrounding tissue and loss of elasticity. And like any other area of the skin, the pores can sag, stretch out, and fill up with dirt, debris, and makeup. 

But, there are other factors that you should consider, such as genetics, chronic UV exposure, and hormone changes. These can all affect the severity of pore size. 

Can enlarged pores go back to normal?

You can’t permanently get rid of the large pores. But, you can make them look smaller. Take care of your skin, apply SPF protection, wash and exfoliate regularly.